Industry Kits – PLM Kingz Synth1 V2 Preset Bank (SF2, SYNTH PRESET)

By | April 14, 2022


Publisher: Industry Kits
Quality: 8 bit 22 kHz mono

Description : PLM Kingz is back with another crazy preset bank for Synth1 VST. They worked on it after the release of the V1 version bank for over 6 months and as a result – 400 + presets for all genres: Trap, Smooth, Pop, RnB, Hardcore, EDM, etc. This set also contains download links for Synth1 VST Free Version, as well as Instructions for Installing Bankoa & Even Changing VST Colors and how to do it yourself.

Content :
PLM Kingz 2 – Arps & Gates
PLM Kingz 2 – Bass
PLM Kingz 2 – Drum Machine
PLM Kingz 2 – Goodie Bag
PLM Kingz 2 – Mallets & Keys
PLM Kingz 2 – Synth Fx
PLM Kingz 2 – Synth Mono (Leads)
PLM Kingz 2 – Synth Poly (Pads)

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