D16 Group – Plasticlicks Drum Sounds Collection (Wav, Akai, Sf2)

By | April 10, 2017

Plasticlicks is a collection of more than 1500 completely fresh, ready-to-use drum sounds! All the sounds in this collection were designed from the ground up with the goal of creating something truly unique in the world of electronic drums: they are all completely original, a full range of carefully designed Sounds. In this library you will find and purposefully synthetic timbres of almost acoustic-sounding drums!

The library contains 1611 different drum sounds:
Claps (39 patches)
Closed Hihats (298 patches)
Cowbells (19 patches)
FX Hihats (99 patches)
Hits (60 patches)
Kicks (300 patches)
Metal Percussion (16 patches)
Mini Percussion (20 patches)
Open Hihats (227 patches)
Percussion (74 patches)
SFX (33 patches)
Shakers (40 patches)
Snare Drum Substitutes (51 patches)
Snare Drums (216 patches)
Synthetic Percussion (109 patches)
Tambourines (10 patches)


Developer : d16
Website : www.d16.pl
Format : wav, akai, sf2
Quality : 24 bits, 44100 kHz


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