– Cymatics – Halloween Ultimate Samples + BONUSES (MIDI, WAV, SERUM, FL STUDIO, ABLETON, LOGIC)

By | January 21, 2018



This Halloween, we wanted to create an Ultimate Sample Pack that gives you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to create a spooky banger!
And after hours in the studio working with Zombies, Ghosts, and Demons, we ended up with an incredible pack filled to the rim with scary good samples!
The sounds are the strongest to give you the chills, and dramatic enough to be put straight into a horror film!
Seriously – this pack gives off an RL Grime, Halloween vibe.
It’s called Halloween Ultimate Samples, and will easily help you create a spooky banger just in time for Halloween.
And the crazy part is, you’ll be getting this ENTIRE pack for JUST $ 7 !!!
… But that’s not all.
To REALLY celebrate this holiday, we’re also giving you 3 epic bonus packs for FREE when you get Ultimate Halloween Samples!
This offer expires very soon, so make sure to get it while you still can.
Scroll down to see all 3 bonus packs!


Are You Ready To Use Demonic Vocals For Your Songs?
One of the best parts about making an insane. Halloween track is playing around with the spine-tingling vocals!
That’s why when we went down to the studio, we made sure to create the vocals you could only get from the depths of a haunted house.
Creepy clown laughs … fear-filled screams … werewolf howls … and even possessed demon phrases.
Add any of these vocals to your track, and you will surely take your Halloween themed track to the next level.
Or put them in any of your other tracks.
No matter how you decide to use these vocals, they could stand out and set your track apart from the rest.


Learn Exactly How To Make A Crazy Halloween Track With This Project File.
When it comes to making, the adrenaline rush when the drop comes.
But to do this correctly, you have to bring together the right sounds in your way.
And with “Werewolf” Project File, you’ll be able to see exactly how it’s all done.
Study how the punchy drums, the haunting ambience, and dramatic were used to make this track an absolute banger!
No matter what piece you decide to dissect, we perfected every last detail of this project.
Download the “Werewolf” Project File now.


Can You Handle Our Most Haunting Serum Presets Yet?
Haunting arps … thrilling pads … creepy keys … and horrifying plucks.
Ghouls for Xfer Serum! These are the types of terrifying sounds that you can expect when you get.
That’s because of our inspiration, we looked to creepy killer clowns, possessed dolls, and of course, ghastly ghouls.
Then our team of producers dove into the dark side of Serum and meticulously crafted patches that will surely give you nightmares!
If you can handle listening to these sounds, then do not hesitate to get this pack!
Especially since all the patches are easily customizable and can add depth and emotion to your tracks long after Halloween.

This Halloween, add an authentic touch to your track with high quality foley recordings that include everything from rusty swings to bone snapping and even demons burping.
This Halloween season, we added a haunting touch to our drums by merging the typical EDM drums with unusual percussive sounds like crazy knives and the daunting tick of a clock.
Serum Presets
Our team of producers dove into the dark side of Serum and meticulously crafted patches that will surely give you nightmares!
Melody loops
Set the tone for your track with a whimsical, Halloween themed melody that is sure to get your heart rate going!
Our vocalist got in the Halloween spirit to deliver some of the creepiest, chilling halloween vocals!
Use these FX to add tension, panic, and even terror to your builds for a truly haunting track.
Project File
Reverse engineer and learn exactly how to make a Halloween banger from the pros!
Publisher :
Website :
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

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