Zero-G – Fraktale Fragmente (AIFF, EXS24, NNXT, WAV, HALION, KONTAKT)

By | May 27, 2020


Publisher: Zero-G
Website: Zero-G
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Fractale Fragmente is an exquisite experimental multi-format sound library from the Hamburg electronic project Neueheimat.
Neueheimat is the brainchild of Dennis Grell and Philip Staudinger – two producers and sound engineers whose idea was to create an unconventional library of sound instruments for the creators of soundtracks for films and videos, experimental musicians and alternative producers of EDM.


Additional Information :
The library‘s sound sources are as diverse as they are unusual. Only a small selection of synthesisers was used. Most sound sources came from field recordings, underwater shooting, contact microphones, broken machines, industrial equipment, children’s toys, live concerts and other noise sources all recorded through a vintage analogue signal path to create a unique and incomparable listening experience.
The library comes with an elegant and easy to use Kontakt interface that will help you create entirely new sounds from the existing samples. Not only are there 6 individual filters, ADSR and LFO there is also easy access to a whole array of effects, including delay, reverb and modulation that will help you sculpt and shape your sounds to perfection.
As well as having a custom Kontakt 6 interface the library also comes with Kontakt3, EXS24, Reason and HALion instruments as well as Acidized Wav files and AIFF Apple Loops.

Sections include:
An-Aus: On / Off
Switches, noises from mechanical stuff
Funk: Radio
Noises, blips, drones, switches, fragments of the noise floor, over the airwaves
Cuts from live performances
Sounds from studio / music gear, partly sequenced, vco-love
Industrial sounds from machines, reflections, rooms, hangars
Getaucht: Submerged
Underwater recordings with specialized equipment / microphones. Harbor ships
nature, things thrown in water, bathrooms
Tief: deep
Deep frequency sounds, sub drones etc.
No key, no scale, without adjusted freq


IMPORTANT: To use the Kontakt GUI version you will need the FULL version of NI Kontakt 6.2.1 and higher!


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