Roland – VS SRX KEYBOARDS 1.0.1 (VSTi, VSTi3, AAX) [Win x64]

By | March 20, 2019


Year / Release Date : 02.2019
Version : 1.0.1
Developer : Roland
Developer site : rolandcloud
Format : VSTi, VSTi3, AAX
Digit capacity : 64bit
Tabletka : present
System Requirements : Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 7 SP1
Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 8.1
Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 10
CPU Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo or better
RAM 2 GB or more
Display Resolution and Colors 1,280 x 800 dots or higher, 24 bits Full Color or more

Description : SRX KEYBOARDS Software Synthesizer is a virtual solution to the SRX expansion board of the early 2000s, which was originally available only to compatible devices of the company. She created the best Roland sound signals.
SRXKEYBOARDS transfers all this to a powerful plugin, using the well-known Roland Digital CircuitBehavior technology to reproduce every nuance and detail of the original equipment. DCB uses the original ROM sample and faithfully reproduces the original waveforms and any behavior or artifacts that result from the digital components and circuits used in the hardware unit.
While many of these sounds are artificially created by the creation of acoustic and electric instruments, some of the variations, modifications and artifacts themselves became classical. With over 1,700 original waveforms, 86 effects and 393 pre-installed SRX KEYBOARDS presets, artists and producers have plenty of possibilities for writing music. For authors who have had an original expansion card, it will immediately become apparent that the plug-in is not indistinguishable from the hardware

Installation step by step:

To successfully authorize the plugin, you must first install Cloud Emulator (those who already have TEAM.R2R.Roland.Cloud.Emulator.v1.1.0-R2R do not need to be installed). Further, all start-ups and installations should be done on behalf of the administrator .
1. Run the file R2R_IS_AGAINST_BUSINESS_WAREZ_170811.cmd from the folder TEAM.R2R.Roland.Cloud.Emulator.v1.1.0- R2R , a black window will appear:
Press any key and the window closes.
2. Run Setup Roland Cloud Emulator v1.1.0.exe in the same folder. Everything is just NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, FINISH. The emulator is installed.
3. Run the Setup SRX ORCHESTRA v1.0.1.exe file in the distribution folder. When installing select bit. Everything is simple there too.
Problem solving:
If after launching the plug-in an error pops up, edit the hosts file manually (for example, using a notepad that was run as administrator), which is located at: C: Windows System32 drivers etc. Put a space between the lines:
Make sure the host file is edited and saved.
Another option if nothing helped:
The emulator should be installed last, i.e. after installing ALL Roland products.

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