ADSR Sounds – Athenaeum – Melodic Chords & Arps for Cthulhu (SYNTH PRESET, WAV, MIDI)

By | January 11, 2022


Publisher: ADSR Sounds
Website: adsrsounds
Format: SYNTH PRESET | Xfer Records Cthulhu, WAV, MIDI
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Containing all the knowledge of music theory and melodic prowess that the ADSR Production team possesses, Atheneum rises like a beacon in the creative wilderness. Open doors to melodic inspiration using Xfer Records’ Cthulhu as your guide.
Athenaeum uses the melodic mystery of Cthulhu with chord and arpeggio progressions spanning a huge spectrum of contemporary genres from Urban & R&B to Pop, Indie and Electro.
In developing this package, we took a new approach to provide unique and unexpected chords that can give your music a fresh, melodic flavor. Get rid of chord fighting and melodic arpeggio programming and replace it with an epic array of options ready to match the musical sensations and ideas you’re trying to express.
Athenaeum – Melodic Chords & Arps for Cthulhu contains 100 presets, each containing 3 octaves of chords, making it easy to create a suitable set of chord progressions in the same key. With a total of about 3600 chords with unlimited combinations, this is an epic resource for any producer. Chords and progressions can be used in any style and genre, they were not created for a specific niche, but as a valuable asset and launching pad, whatever your musical preferences.
Starting with presets in each major major and minor key, you can jump to any key you need using Cthulhu’s transpose function and completely change the mood. Press the Cthulhu arpeggiator switch and these chord presets become melodic solos with tremendous flexibility. We’ve even included 50 custom arpeggiator presets that give you even more flexibility and inspiration for a variety of musical styles.
To make it easier to navigate the Athenaeum, we’ve included 30 MIDI Chord Sequence Examples, accompanied by 30 corresponding MIDI files that are associated with the current presets, as well as 15 WAV Chord Sequence loops. Together they act as a guide to using this pack, as well as stand-alone melodic ideas for your own music.

Content :
100 Cthulhu Chord Presets
50 Cthulhu Arp Presets
30 Example MIDI Progressions
30 Example MIDI Cthulhu Preset Progressions
15 Bonus Chord Loops (Wav 24 bit / 44.1 kHz)

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